Commercial Vehicle Group is pleased to announce that the RoadWatch Tracker System is now available. This new RoadWatch system is a unique low cost ‘Smart Device’ solution for vehicle tracking. It records location, vehicle and road condition metrics and also transmits via Bluetooth connect for easy installation and portable use. All of these features are shown in an easy to read data presentation that is compatible with free viewing tools such as ArcGIS® and Google Earth®. The Tracker will also have a real-time feature available with a 3rd party cellular data service. With features like Bluetooth connect, location records and vehicle and road condition metrics all displayed through an easy to read data presentation, the RoadWatch Tracker System provides better resource management, helping you save money and time.

Records location, vehicle, and road condition metrics

The RoadWatch Tracker System provides AVL and GPS location in real-time as well as your vehicle’s MPH including stop and idle time.

Unique low cost ‘Smart Device’ approach

The Tracker System is downloaded to and works on most Android phones and tablets, making the system mobile and easy to use. When using the Wi-Fi based transfer mode feature, there are no costly cellular data services required.

Easy to read data presentation

RoadWatch Tracker has a very easy to use and understandable interface including custom icons used to identify vehicle types. The Tracker System provides graphically shown plow and spreader status as well as color coded road temperatures and treatment paths. Stop sign icons showing stops and idles with hover-over time details are also included in the Tracker System’s presentation. All of the data is compatible with free viewing tools such as ArcGIS® and Google Earth®.